Episode 3- “A man’s point of view”

Hey Queens, Hey Kings!

This episode was highly anticipated… I mean who wouldn’t want to hear the fellas POV, right ladies?!!

Everyday one of our girls are hitting up the infamous group chat asking “what does it mean when he does this…” or “ughhh I’m over men…“. We are ALWAYS questioning these men Chile’ lol! Because lets keep it real, men are soooo confusing! They try to make it seem like we are “beyond hard to figure out” but we are- because you are! (sticking with that PeriodTTT lol)

Special guest Cordell a.k.a @youngstolie + My bomb ass Co-host Dejeune H.

So for this episode we let the men have the floor! Now grab your headphones again because I’m not liable for when you get fired at work for blasting it on your speaker lol! This episode came right on time, because the men on episode 2 felt like they didn’t have a voice (blah blah lol) so we grabbed a man and told him to keep that shit real! Turns out, men are still insane, to say the least lol! And my co-host wasn’t having it!

Flash back to Episode 2-Let’s talk about sex babyyy” we were able to spill out our secrets as women and hunny the tea was pouring! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to that funny ass podcast, go check it out! (link in my last blog post “Podcast release“)

This episode will have you laughing; yet again!

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If you want WATCH it our YOUTUBE video is here: (like and subscribe please!!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-rJaiuC2ws&t=9s

xoxo- Tiara Adair

@_talkwithT_ (instagram)

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