Talk with T- Podcast Release

Whew’ I’m so excited to start this new journey! If you don’t know, I’m Tiara Adair creator of Talk with T. Thank you for following these bomb ass vibrations that lead you to my blog! Hey Queen, Hey King!

My goal is to continue to have real conversations about everyday life. Releasing a podcast was so important to me because in this generation we are always on the go & who really has time to sit and watch an entire video! Although I’d love for you guys to watch, trust me I get how busy our lives can be. So now you can just pop in your earphones and get some good laughs in, all while you’re continuing your everyday living. Imagine having a bad day, then BOOM you pop on Talk with T and now you cant stop laughing! Yassss get into this vibe!

I’d like to officially announce my co-host, Dejeune’ H. owner of Your Style is Forever, Mom, stylist, business owner, public speaker and just so happens to be my best gal.

Episode 2 was recorded for Instagram LIVE (@_talkwithT_) and the audio was recorded to start the Podcast! ((inserts hella excitement))

Episode 2Lets talk about Sex babyyy” was centered around all things Sex! (yes extra juicy) Supporters on Instagram submitted questions regarding sex and we answered them, completely open and a little too honest haha! I wanted to bring attention to the fact that women enjoy variations with sex and there are things we don’t like. Maybe it will help the next King out! We talk to our gurlfrans about sex wayyyy more often then you would think. So it was fun to let loose and reveal some of our very own secrets!

Listen to this funny ass podcast here:

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-Tiara Adair